Solarwinds N-Central 12.0 new release in July 2018

SolarWinds released N-central 12.0 with the promise to provide MSP with the ability to manage customer networks and security of endpoints in depth. Solarwinds introduces a new tool called NetPath to manage patchwork of cloud, hosted, and on-premises services.


To get started, first upgrade your server to 12.0. On the left-hand pane, select View > NetPath. The NetPath tool can be set up on any Windows server or Windows workstation in N-central.


Other features include:


  • Create, update, and close tickets for their PSA application without leaving N-central-including tickets that don’t originate from N-central
  • View and manage the last five tickets create
  • Set up patch auto-approval or auto-decline by keyword to save time, help ensure critical updates are applied, and problematic ones are blocked


For more information, go to Solarwinds N-Central.