5 common myths and truths about IT Outsourcing:

Here are 5 common myths and truths about IT Outsourcing:

MYTH: Outsources IT Services always costs more than hiring internal staff.
TRUTH: When you use IT outsourcing services, you only pay for the time that the IT pros work. While IT outsourcers provide availability 24/7, they are not on the clock unless there is an issue that needs to be resolved. You will also spend less than you would hiring, training and paying benefits for a full-time staff.

MYTH: IT Outsourcing services cannot provide me with “in-house” staff all the time.
TRUTH: Many companies like Flexis can assign a full-time staff member or more to your company if needed. If not, IT outsourcers are typically available 24/7 for support, maintenance, disaster recovery and more.

MYTH: Outsourcing always implies a loss of jobs.
TRUTH: IT outsourcing can provide for enterprise growth which can in turn spur job growth. Job losses are most often due to improved efficiencies and business automation.

MYTH: Service levels will not be as good as on-premise.
TRUTH: With today’s access to information over the internet and the communication technologies outsourcers provide, adequate support can be provided remotely at a lower cost. Moving to a remote support model is more of a change management issue than anything else. Also, mid-sized companies do not have to pay for a variety of full time specialists to be on staff to support the technology environment.

MYTH: An outsourcing provider cannot support our specialized applications
TRUTH: Managed service organizations can hire and provide specialized resources as easily as a company. Outsourcers will often assess and hire a customer’s more skilled IT staff to support the specialized applications which results in a ‘win-win’ situation for everyone involved.